Project Description Status
PyTIFF A library to read, write, and manipulate TIFF image files from Python. Stable
pydtd2xsd Converts complex DTDs into XML Schemata. Stable
PILT4 An extension for the Python Imaging Library to read T4 (Group 3 fax) encoded files. Stable
python-e2fs Python module for reading and setting e2fs extended file attributes such as nodump and noatime. Stable
tiffrotate A little program that rotates TIFF files, including multipage ones, by multiples of 90 degrees. Stable
RserveCLI A .NET/CLI client for Rserve. It allows .NET/CLI client to access R on the same machine or across the network. Stable


Project Description Status
RhythmboxLIRC A program to control the Rhythmbox music player with a LIRC remote control. Stable (end of life)
Type 6 mini-HOWTO How to make a Sun microsystems Type 6 USB keyboard work under Code snippets, possibly obsolete now
gfinger A finger client for the GNOME environment. Stable (end of life, written to obsolete libraries)